Spend a fun evening or half day among likeminded wool lovers:

We teach you basic or more advanced knitting techniques in English, French and Dutch

Our patterns are clear and easy-to-follow and available in English, French and Dutch (included in the price of the course)

You choose 2, 3 or 5 workshops, according to your needs

We provide assistance in between classes (included in the price of the course if you sign up for 5 courses)

You can also join us to work on your own project and get some help on the way (“knitting club” formula)

Our workshops are limited to max. 5 participants and we respect all COVID sanitary measures

We’re based in Brussels

Magic Loops proposes 3 levels, from basic to upper intermediate :

You have never knitted before and want to learn the basic knitting techniques. Or you have knitted a long time ago and need to refresh the basic knitting techniques. You would like some help in repairing common mistakes and to bring your knitting project to a good end.
Level 0 corresponds to the snood o headband project. If you are level 1 you can knit a baby hoodie or a simple sweater  
Basic (Levels 0-1)
Let’s get started !

You already know the basic knitting techniques and want to learn some new ones. You’d like to move on too more elaborate knitting projects and would like some advice and help. If you are level 1 you’ll knit a baby hoodie or simple sweater. At level 2 you can knit the roundknit cardigan or sweater

Intermediate (Levels 1-2)
You can do it !

You know quite a few techniques already but would like assistance to bring a more ambitious knitting project to a good end. If you are at level 3, you’re ready to knit a raglan sweater  

Upper intermediate

(Level 3)
You’re good !